It’s Not About Yoga Pants

View photos from the parade held in Rhode Island on October 23, 2016.

This parade was created in response to one man’s nasty letter to the editor in my local paper. It has become so much more. The parade is not about yoga pants, it is a positive response to casual sexism. It is a march of love of ourselves, and the love and support of each other regardless of size, shape, or wardrobe choice. It is a way for us to protest body shaming and the long history of men policing our bodies. It is above all, a march of community and love.

The spirit of the event was positive. The outcome of the event was tremendous. We are so thankful to everyone that participated, and showed their support from around the world.

Please consider donating to one of the organizations in your town that is working to empower women and girls. I personally love the work of Sojourner House and Girls Rock RI and hope you will support them.

Background photo by Kerri Lemoie